Perfect Carrot Jaggery Dalia Recipe for Breakfast

Weight loss! Umm!, That's a big deal for many of us. Finding a good diet is always challenging due to the number of calories that differ in each and every food nutritional commodity. With proper discipline, determination, and motivation you can foster your weight loss journey. 

I know it won't be easy in the beginning weeks to adapt to various foods initially, and some of you may even encounter a weakness while having a new diet routine. Drink lots of water, add lots of green vegetables to keep you full for long. You can make different variations in your diet such as making smoothies, taking jaggery to beat your sugar cravings or even dates can help.

One of the finest foods for weight loss is the 'broken wheat' or in other words 'Dalia'. Dalia helps in a faster weight loss process and is equally healthy and fiber-oriented. Several healthy dishes can be made through Dalia as a whole. You should always add Dalia to your regular diet also, highly rich in protein, fiber, and many vitamins. 

Best could a Dalia comprise in your diet, today we at Easy recipes are going to show you the perfect, mouthwatering and luscious Carrot Jaggery Dalia recipe which is healthy with the richness of jaggery ( Gur) and dry fruits and nuts. Without further a due let us look at the ingredients for making the perfect Carrot Jaggery Dalia recipe.

Carrot Jaggery Dalia

Ingredients for Carrot Jaggery Dalia

  • 1 tablespoon Desi ghee
  • 4 to 5 buds of mashed cardamom
  • small required amounts of dry fruits of your choice ( here we are taking broken cashew nuts, mashed almonds, melon seeds & sunflower seeds)
  • 4 big carrots or depends upon quantity for serving
  • 1big  cup of milk 
  • 1 cup cooked broken wheat / Dalia
  • 4 pieces of jaggery

Method of Preparation

  • In a deep lid pan, add 1 tablespoon of desi ghee. Remember to always use homemade ghee while preparing dishes.
  • Add 4 to 5 buds of mashed cardamom seeds. Now add small amounts of dry fruits such as broken cashew nuts, almonds, melon seeds, and sunflower seeds. If you wish to add Kishmish or couscous go for it.
  • Remember to turn your stove flame to medium/low. Add the nuts turn by turn slowly and roast them for few minutes.
  • You will hear a crackling sound while roasting the seeds and nuts! 
  • Now add 4 finely grated carrots to the seed mixture, here we are taking 4 as per requirement. You can take as you wish. Slowly add the carrots to the seed mixture & mix well in place.
  • Roast and cook well till the quantity of the mixture shrinks for further addition of ingredients.
  • Now add 1 big cup of milk and do the stirring perfectly.
  • Cover the carrot milk mixture pan with a lid for 2 minutes till it cooks well.
  • After you see boiling of the milk mixture, add 1 cup of cooked broken wheat/Dalia to the pan slowly and mix all the ingredients well in place to one another.
  • Put on the lid again for 5 minutes till it completely cooks well.
  • Now your simple Carrot Dalia is ready to serve if you are rushing to work.
  • On the other hand, if you have a sweet tooth or doubt having a sugar craving add jaggery to make it more scrumptious!
  • Remember to turn off the flame or don't add full chunks of jaggery else it will burn the dish! We don't have to waste our delicious and healthy recipe.
  • Add grated pieces of jaggery and mix all the consistencies well to get a luscious taste.
  • Now dish out the delicious and much-awaited healthy Carrot jaggery Dalia from the pan to serve everyone!

Recipe Note

  • You can add honey or brown sugar as per wish to your Dalia to make it sweeter.
  • Can be prepared in 10 minutes without any hassle.
  • Turn the flame low to medium while roasting the nuts else it can burn!
  • Master perfect stirring while preparing this dish because the sticky output is least concerned & not worth enjoying.
  • Carrots are rich in protein and Vitamin A which have numerous and crucial health benefits. Keeps you full for long hours and suppresses unnecessary cravings.
  • Nuts and seeds play a prominent role in the overall nourishment of health and adding them make the Carrot Jaggery Dalia recipe well fit for weight loss.
  • You can even store it in the fridge if you wish to eat it later in the day. 

This was all about the tasty Carrot Jaggery Dalia recipe or Gajar Dalia recipe, giving you tremendous health results. Easy to prepare and can be eaten at any time of the day! You can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is much similar to preparing the Carrot Halwa which also involves the same process except the addition of Dalia rest is the same. Not just for the purpose of weight loss, you can even give a portion of baby food to your infant! Just ensure to grate the carrots in small quantity which is easily chewable! Thanks to the Indian recipes for having such beautiful variations in cooking which is easy and healthy.

Cook for yourself and let us know your experience in the comment section of having the Carrot Jaggery Dalia recipe!

Stay healthy and safe folks!✌💓

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