Butter Chicken Recipe | Homemade Delicious Butter Chicken

Homemade Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter Chicken! The name itself can make you want to enjoy this delicious recipe. Butter chicken has the taste of Indian cuisine which is loved by many Indians and foreigners, who wish to experience the Indian flavo
It is also known as 'Murgh Makhani' which is very much similar to the regular Chicken Tikka Masala wherein the chicken pieces are put in a creamy tomato sauce or known as 'gravy'. The difference between the two dishes can be made through the process of preparation. Butter Chicken uses a lot of 'butter'(known as Makhan in Hindi) while Chicken Tikka uses a spice blend made of coriander, turmeric powder, cardamom powder, etc. Butter Chicken is very sweeter in taste while Chicken Tikka is spicy in nature.
The interesting thing about Butter Chicken is it originated from India while Chicken Tikka is the food of the United Kingdom.

Butter Chicken Recipe
Butter Chicken Recipe 

Easy to make using the regular method of marination, there are many other several versions of butter chicken which is different from the classic Indian dish. The history of the Butter Chicken recipe originates during the phase of the 1950s when a famous chef of Moti Mahal in the national capital accidentally experimented with the dish. For chef Kundan Lal Gujral, it was his practice to throw butter, chicken, tomatoes, and the rest material for garnishing. 
He may not even know but this experiment of him with the chicken, tomatoes, and butter created a massive hit across the Indian restaurants and is served today all across the world. 

Highly nutritious, your taste buds will thank you for feeding this amazing recipe. It is a must-have real meal for the weekends. Trust me, all your family members would love to have this!

Today we at Easy Recipes World are going to you a glimpse of making the delicious, lip-smacking Butter Chicken Recipe!

What Actually Is Butter Chicken?

Butter chicken is prepared through the process of marination which is grilled and cooked in a rich gravy made of tomato puree and butter. Many of the curries are made with a blend of onion and garlic paste while butter chicken is made in with tomato as a base and cooked in butter to give a good flavor. The best pat of butter chicken is its ingredients list which is easily affordable at the nearest grocery store. For garnishing and to give a classic taste cashew nuts and almonds are added to give richness to your taste buds. 

Ingredients For Making Butter Chicken Recipe

For Chicken Marination

300 gms of chicken breast boneless
1 tablespoon of ginger garlic paste
1 tablespoon of red chili powder
Salt for taste
Oil for pan-frying 

For Butter Chicken Gravy

500 gms freshly slit tomatoes
100 gms freshly cut onions
1 tablespoon garlic paste
50 gms of cashew nuts
1 tablespoon of Kasturi methi powder
1/2 tablespoon of garam masala
4 tablespoons of sugar to deliver a sweet taste.
2 tablespoon of  Kashmiri Chilli Powder
5 tablespoon of butter
3 tablespoon of cream
2 tablespoon of malt vinegar or 1.5 tablespoons of white vinegar
Salt for taste

Method For Preparation Of Butter Chicken Recipe

  • This recipe involves the two main components that are the marination of the chicken and the preparation of the butter chicken gravy.
  • First, we will marinate the freshly cleaned chicken in a decent-sized bowl by adding ginger paste, garlic paste, red chili powder and finally adding salt. Mix the ingredients thoroughly so that all spices get soaked in all chicken pieces. You can keep the mixture for marination for nearly 15 to 20 minutes in the refrigerator.
  • Once the marination of the chicken is done, heat the pan and add some oil till it gets medium hot.
  • Add the marinated chicken pieces into the heated pan and fry them well altogether.
  • After the chicken pieces appear tender and fried, transfer the chicken pieces to another bowl and get ready for the process of making the delicious gravy.
  • Butter Chicken Recipe is known to be a one-pot recipe and doesn't require any extra use of pots and utensils. 
  • In the same pan where we fried the chicken, add the freshly cut onions. Remember the onions must be roughly cut because this mixture has to be blended further for obtaining the gravy puree.
  • After you added the onions, add some oil and a spoonful of butter so it is called a butter recipe. 
  • Once you get sauteed fried onions, add the prominent, freshly cut tomatoes and the 50 gms of cashew nuts and mix thoroughly.
  • After you see a good mixture of the major ingredients, add some water half the mixture and add the garlic paste, some salt, malt vinegar, sugar, garam masala powder, and some red chili powder and easily mix all the ingredients thoroughly.
  • Once the mixture is nicely mixed, we are going to simmer it for 15 to 20 minutes till the curry appears mushy.
  • After the mixture is soft, turn the flame off and transfer the mixture into a steel bowl. Here we are going to blend the mixture to get the famous tomato puree.
  • You have to puree it well so it appears velvety and soft in nature. After this, sieve the puree to the extent you are left with a minimal residue of tomato seed in the same pan where we fried the chicken!
  • Reheat the gravy, add butter, add some cream, add the chicken and finally add the Kasturi methi!
  • Let it cook and simmer well for 5 to 10 minutes and here we are ready with the delicious butter chicken recipe.
  • Transfer the gravy into the serving bowl slowly and garnish the gravy with cream and Kasturi methi toppings.
  • Serve your loved ones with Basmati rice, Naan, or even roti to enjoy the finest rich meal.

Recipe Note of Butter Chicken Recipe

  • It is at the best when served hot with plain basmati rice, jeera rice, roti, naan, and even paranthas.
  • You can top the dish for dressing in some cream and green chilies before serving.
  • If you are a vegan, you can skip the addition of chicken and add paneer in its place. Marinate the paneer in the same way as that of chicken so it remains tender in the dish.

Tips On How To Make Butter Chicken Recipe so Delicious.

  • Remember to marinate the chicken beforehand to give a spicy, flavorful, and succulent taste of chicken.
  • It would be best if you use yogurt for marinating the chicken. Doot skip this step for sure.
  • This recipe gives a rich taste when cashews, almonds are added, and due to the presence of the addition of cream.
  • After marination refrigerate the chicken fleshes so that all the spices and masala are soaked well to give a good, tender taste.
  • You can even feel free to use garam masala or even chicken masala if you don't have all the spices for the marinade.

Bottom Line 

Butter Chicken recipe is really wonderful in taste and nutritious if you make it at home. Why depend on the restaurants when you can make this lip-smacking recipe in your kitchen? 
  • Tomatoes contain an excellent source of Vitamin C which is really important for the immune system's health. The chicken itself has the highest source of protein which helps in the making of hair and body. Cashew nuts are good for the skin and add in taste to these delicacies. 
  • Our recipe can serve 4 to 5 members at a go. You can even use the boneless chicken, chicken thighs for making this awesome recipe.
  • Having roots in the national capital, this recipe has won the hearts of people all across the world. 
  • Highly nutritious and a one-pot recipe it is a must-have for good meal times and is an appetite filler that keeps you full for long hours without many cravings!

Just give it a shot in your kitchen and serve your non-veggie friends with this rich, traditional recipe! 
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