Mango Phirni | आम की फ़िरनी | Mango Dish

Mango Phirni | Indian Sweet Dish | Mango Recipe

Mango Phirni is a turn of a mango dish. A traditional Indian sweet dish is made of rice and flavored mango pulp as well as aam ras. So almost we are about to complete the mango season of the year so I thought of giving the last twist of this mango season with the Mango Phirni, there is no doubt that Mangoes are everyone's favorite children to oldies age is no bar when it comes to mango. 
Ideally, you can make many mangoes recipes from mangoes but nothing can beat the Indian sweet dish especially when it has mango in it. Isn't it ??
Even if you are not a sweet tooth or Indian sweet dish lover still give a try once I'm sure you will never ever regret tasting this super delicious Mango Phirni

    Mango Phirni |Mango Recipe

    Some Of The Reasons For Preparing Quick & Simple Mango Phirni?

    1. It is an absolute perfect mango recipe for the summer season.
    2.  This Mango Phirni is also very famous as Ramadan delicacies during Ramzan or Iftar,  as well as for many festivals also.
    3. It works as a great dessert after a meal which you can serve to your guests.

    Let me tell some points  about "Phirni" :

    What is PHIRNI?

    1. Phirni is an Indian sweet dish made up of rice paste it is different from Kheer, In Kheer, we use whole rice with milk but here we use rice paste keeping in mind the consistency of it.
    2. The difference between phirni and kheer is that "Kheer" is made up of Whole Basmati Rice while in "Phirni" we use Ground Basmati Rice 

    So let's begin with some thrilling cooking.

    Mango Phirni |Mango Recipe
    Mango Phirni


    1. Fresh Mangoes(seasonal)  pulp - 1 big bowl
    2. Dry fruits grated mostly almonds, pistachios- to garnish
    3. Milk -1Kg
    4. Sugar/Jaggery - 100 Gms
    5. Mango Pulp - 2-3 Big Mangoes.
    6. Green elaichi powder - 3 Tsp.
    7. Almond ground Powder - 3-4 Tsp
    8. Rose Petals - for garnishing


    1. Take a non -stick big Dutch Oven type vessel you can also use steel one if you don't have non-stick 
    I mentioned Non-stick because e have to heat the milk and still it continuously from high to medium flame for about 15 mins, ake sure milk should not stick at the bottom of the vessel.

    2. Then add the Ground Rice Paste, the consistency of the paste should be neither very thin nor very thick it should be equal.

    3. On adding the rice paste make sure you stir continuously on medium flame until boil or milk became half or so. 

    4. Make sure while adding sugar or jaggery that how much sweet are mangoes if they are extra sweet add less sugar or jaggery point to note you can also taste one spoon mixture to check the sweetness level.

    5. Time for adding the mango pulp into the phirni mixture inside the vessel stir it with a wooden spoon continuously you can notice the vibrant yellow beautiful color in just 10 seconds, this is the natural color of phirni.

    6. After adding the mango pulp then you have to add the sugar and elaichi powder into the mixture for making the perfect mango recipe. 

    7. Now add the paste of Almond which we prepared to add 1 tsp, for now, you can also replace almond paste from cashew nuts paste as per your choice.

    8. Make sure after adding the mango pulp wait for only 1 boil not more than that and your super-tempting phirni is ready.

    9. Now time for my personal section of all recipes that is "Garnishing" I have garnished it into Glass square-shaped serving mini bowl, traditionally "phirni" tastes best when it is served in mitti bowl but I only have glass that's why I used it you can also go with mitti bowl if it is available in your home.

    10. Sprinkles some grated Pistachios & Almonds at the top of phirni to make it more beautiful to can put some Rose Petals also like I did.

    11. Now keep the bowls into the refrigerator and freeze it for about 1.5 Hours because ideally phirni taste best when it is served chilled.

    Your Mango Phirni |Mango Recipe is ready to eat enjoy & Happy Cooking.

    Mango Phirni |Mango Recipe
    Mango Phirni

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    Kitchen Accessories & Tools Which Are Used In This Phirni:

     1. Wonderchef Ceramide Casserole with Glass Lid:

    2. Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Mixer Grinder:

    3. Wooden Spoon For Cooking:

    4. Kaff 4 Burner Cooktop:

    5. Glass Oil Dispenser:

    6. Almonds:


    1.  Mango Phirni tastes best when it is chilled served.
    2. Ground Basmati Rice can be replaced by any good Flavourful rice variety.
    3. The sweetness level is totally up to you if you want more sweet sugar is fine but some fitness freaks also use Jaggery in place of sugar in Phirni.
    4. Sweet & Sour taste of phirni depend on you personally I love the Phirni made up of sweet & fresh mangoes.
    5. If mangoes are too sweet you can use the less quantity of sugar and vice-versa.

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