How Every New Day Can Be A Simplicity Day for a purposeful Living!

The National Simplicity Day falls on 12 July every year to mark the birthday of Henry David Thoreau who was born on that day of 1817.

    Henry David Thoreau was an environmentalist, an author, and a poet who is known to all of us through the English Textbooks as a transcendentalist who only believed in simple living without disrupting the inner peace of a person through external forces.

    This principle eventually works in the present modern century where the world and its people have become the competitors and are rushing in the fastest world every day to achieve something or the other.
    Some are involved in finishing deadlines, some are becoming night owls sacrificing their nights of sleep to finish the work. Through this modern lifestyle, people are forgetting the real things which matter to them! 

    Henry David Thoreau's famous quote, "The more you simplify your life, the laws of the universe become simpler." The simple life is the best life for every one of us. Simplicity involves appreciating whatever God has gifted us with, doing good for the people, self-care, and many more.
    Life is too short to whine about the things we don't have. Practice self-love and self-fulfillment for purposeful living. 

    Live in the moment and practice mindfulness and gratitude to appreciate the little things of today to avoid the remorse of tomorrow.

     Henry David Thoreau was a simple man who lived a simple life and inspires everyone to do the same. The interesting thing about him was he grew and sold vegetables and used to eat simple bread, rice, and potatoes. 
    He even observed human consciousness and stated that people are too carried away insignificant things which are not truly very important. By living a simple life, poverty won't be poverty, solitude won't be solitude, and much more.

    The youth today are taken away by superficial things that are being displayed in social media networks, celebrities, etc. They should always think about the struggle that people undergo to set a mark for themselves and create fame. No man never became simply successful through easy life patterns. 

    Let's have a look at some of the beauty tips given by Henry David Thoreau for a simple life.

    • Don't be stressed, unhappy, or dissatisfied. This is life and nothing here remains permanent. Proceed to find solutions rather than cry over the spilled milk.
    • Live your life with purpose.
    • Focus and nurture some of the essential aspects of life such as your health, family, friendships, hobbies, etc.
    • Embrace your smallest achievements too because those are the ones that made you who you are today. 
    • Focus on things that really matter to you and through that set your goals and activities to carry forward.
    • Don't do unnecessary expenses, but as per what is needed for you.

    How You Can Make Every New Day A Simplicity Day 

    Knowing the significance of the National Simplicity Day, I have put together a list of best things you can do to make every new day a 'Simplicity Day' for a good living!

    Move Outside- 

    The fresh air along the cityside is all that you need to simplify your life. Start your day by a good physical activity such as doing yoga, pilates, or even running. Doing this will let go of all the negative emotions built up inside your mind and body. The bonus thing here is, spending time outdoors can even lift up your mood and revitalizes your energy levels. Make sure you are spending a good amount of time outside of your nests!

    Stop Multi-Tasking

    I know it would be very intriguing for you to complete several tasks in your hand but for a purposeful good day make sure you are focussing on one task at a time. Focusing on one task which is really important to you will give you productive and satisfactory results rather than doing everything in a bulk. Thank me later if you got an appraisal at work for establishing a successful project at work!

    Read a favorite thing of your Genre- 

    Whether is a book, magazine, blog post, or an article. Make sure you are reading the entire thing for half an hour. Widening your knowledge broadens your mind and calms your thoughts. 

    Take A Nice Moment For Yourself

    You should always take care of yourself inside out. If you love sipping tea or a coffee have it if you love taking long showers to soak in! love playing the guitar play a little longer!

    Stretch your Body

    I know how it feels after a long workday without moving a muscle. Indulge in a quality break after every 30 minutes every day and stretch your back muscles or just take a walk to indulge in a tasty nutritious snack.

    Unplug from your daily electronic devices

    I know how tempting it is to check your friends' Instagram stories, checking work emails, liking and sharing on Facebook, etc. Every day you should unplug from your phones, laptops, and tablets just before 1 hour prior to going to bed so that you feel relaxed and eyes feel soothed after a long encounter without any blinking. I would suggest to take a break and do a social media detox for a day and feel how refreshing it feels. Thank me later if you feel better after doing this!

    Water the plants in your garden

    Honestly speaking, the greens are the ones through which we are breathing and sustaining in this world. Everyone has a garden in their homes or just small saplings in your apartment backyard. We should never take our garden plants for granted. If they are functioning in a disciplined way, giving you the daily oxygen- why not you make it a point to help them? Water your plants every day and be grateful for them!

    Help Someone

    Every day we are asking for help from someone or the other at various places be it a co-worker, brother, sister, spouse, best friend, etc. Make it a point to help someone with their life and their problems. Lend a listening ear to help, so as to offer emotional support and comfort to the other. Trust me they will appreciate you for your humble nature.

    Make Time For Your Hobbies

    Work life will always persist because we have to earn for affording the necessities. Hobbies are something that reflects your true personality. You must be having a certain amount of hobbies or only one which you love the most. Whatever it is, be it cooking, painting, singing go for it every day! Doing this you will create your own personal space to be happy and content.

    Avoid insignificant expenses-

    For a simple living, you need to cut down all your debts to the minimum level. Make sure you stick to your monthly saving plan ad learn to save money. Its never too late to start with. Make a note on where you spend the maximum money and then apply your money standards right from there. If you have kids, teach them the value of saving money.

    Pray to God

    Well the Almighty is the one who provides us with his blessings. I am not saying to everyday go to a temple or a church to seek the blessings. Simply before going to bed make sure you thank God for all the blessings he has given you and pray for strength to face any challenges to conquer. The best thing would be to think good always and good things return back to you.

    Eat Healthily

    So, it is always tempting to eat burgers, pizzas, spring rolls, etc. We all love that and so our tastebuds. Once in awhile is completely okay for you! The instant gratification for craving those foods will always prevail no matter what! Make sure you are eating a balanced diet everyday comprising veggies, fruits, cereals, and drinking lots of water. Trust me your skin will glow on its own and you will feel good.

    Bottom Line

    Simple living is not so difficult to do until you make up your mind to cut those prevailing losses in your life. To lead a simple life try not to overthink, stress yourself- Always be relaxed and appreciate what you have and practice gratitude. 

    Happy living!😍 Because you deserve the best in your life!

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