My Take On - Bumble Bee Brauhaus at Indiranagar , Banglore | A Must Check Out

Bumble Bee  Brauhaus at Indiranagar 

Hello everybody! There is no doubt in the statement that apart from India's best IT hub Banglore is also very famous for its nightlife as from my personal experience I can state that. When I shifted to Banglore 9 months back of-course I was stunned to see how Banglore is extremely enthusiastic about weekends and Friday night. So I decided to hop around one of the best Restaurants in Indiranagar and came across this beautiful bar name Bumble Bee Brauhaus.

It is understatement or delicacy to declare that Indiranagar has one of the finest Dining Restaurants as Bumble Bee.

    • Location - 1135, 100 Feet Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008
    • Ratings -  4.6/5
    • Cost for two(approx) -  Rs 1500


     Highlights Of Bumble Bee Brauhaus

    • Food&Drinks
    • Atmosphere
    • Music
    • Rooftop
    • Service
    • Hospitality and many more.

    A Short Brief On Highlights

    Food & Drinks -

     Bumble Bee is a Multi-Cuisine restaurant from Indian, Italian, American, French it s serving almost one of the best Continental dishes in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Its lip-smacking dishes makes you fall in love at first sight only with the bar. TAWA CHICKEN & WINGS WAA! HOT ( masala mixed with Chicken Wings grilled and served with hot sauce ) is a must-try.
    • When it comes to drinks it serves you with perfectly curated Cocktails my personal favorite is Cosmopolitan whenever you visit at Bumble Bee and if you are a cocktail lover please give a try to its varieties of cocktails.
    • The next is the special mention for the ambiance over there as soon as I stepped inside the Bumble Bee all that I can see the VIBE is in the air it is just different from the outside world, after finishing your hectic day on Friday in an office all you just need to relax and chill and then you got the atmosphere of Bumble Bee is the cherry on the cake.


    •  Is not too much loud yes there are songs, EDM beats but most of the time music is always very soothing over there to let go of the stress in you, through the power of music
    • This is my personal favorite thing for which you will also fell in love with this place and it is the 
    • Service 
    Masala Chicken Wings
    WINGS WAA! HOT(Masala Chicken Wings )

     The Hospitality of Bumble Bee 

    will make you come here again and again, with almost experiencing the multi-cuisine under a rooftop with one of the best hospitality of the staff what else you can ask for?

    So all the above scenarios now became a contributor for the utmost important priorities to keep visiting such places for you and me both. So please share your experience with us & do let us know if you have any suggestions.

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    1. Been There Done that!

      1. This will be my first place to visit after lockdown. Thanks a lot :)

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