No Oven | Chocolate Pistachio Cake!

Life Is Short Eat The Cake! Cake please come my way .... correct right?? If we are going through an inferior day, a piece of cake will just light up your entire full day especially for a sweet tooth like me a spoon of the first bite of chocolate cake it is completely dumbstruck.

Chocolate cake is everyone's favorite if I am not wrong, A steamy cake with a tender crust and juicy tinge just made everyone slobber over it what if you had some dry fruits while baking in the mixture ?? Sound's tempting right !!

Chocolate Pistachio Cake
No oven Chocolate Pistachio Cake 

Why chocolate cake is everyone's favorite?

(i) It is heaven for a sweet tooth.
(ii) A sweet guilty pleasure for a fitness freak.
(iii) Everyone cannot stop drooling over it

Baking is just a stress-buster when you are mad for cakes like me (with a wink) and love to see the batter turning into golden fluffy thing -> A complete treat to eyes, then this blog is for all of you, so I'll be sharing an easiest without oven "Chocolate Pistachio Cake " all you need to know is just to follow my blog.

So let's get started for a paradise feel ;)


Plain flour )maida – 2 big cups
Powdered Sugar – 1 big bowl
Baking Soda – ½ tsp
Baking powder – 1 to 1 ½ tsp
Vanilla essence – 2-3 drops
Butter/ Clarified butter (ghee) – 2 big tbsp
Chocolate (Dark/Milk any) – 2 big
Milk ( full cream) – 2 big cups
Dry fruits ( Pistachio) – 10/12 pieces


1. Take a cake pan or on which you will bake your cake where you will pour all your final prepared batter.
2. For greasing take butter/ ghee( clarified butter) apply on the walls of the pan all over it properly, else you can take any butter paper cut it to fit, and place it on the bottom of the pan.
3. Take some flour any (wheat/ plain) just dust the pan with the flour fully and you can remove or beat out the excess flour make sure that this flour gets the full coverage of the pan.
4. Now take a big bowl to add 2  big cups of maida (plain flour ) into it simultaneously you have to heat 2-3 tbsp of butter in gas we want that butter in the liquid form completely
5. Pour that liquid butter into the flour bowl mix it well make sure no lumps should be there small lumps are fine.
6. Take a bowl of powdered sugar to add into the flour bowl mix well after mixing it will give you an off-white color batter.
8. Now add a pinch of baking soda into the batter and 1-1/2 tsp of baking powder into it mix continuously
No oven Chocolate Pistachio Cake

8. Add 2-3 drops of vanilla essence to give a nice scent to the batter
9. Now take 2 cups of milk or you have to measure the milk quantity by looking at your batter quantity if the batter is less or half of the pan then one cup of full cream milk is enough vice-versa.
10. Mix well stir it the consistency of the batter should be equal not very thick or nor very very think.
11. Fav step - crush any dry fruits whichever is your favorite bor you would like to eat in every bite of cake then mix it along with batter, I took pistachios crushed it, and pour inside it
No oven Chocolate Pistachio Cake

12. Please do remember that before you start preparing the batter you have to - allow at least 15-20 mins your wok( Kadai ) to preheat on gas place a steel stand inside the Kadai so that we can later place  our batter bowl on it, in  this recipe I have used a Kadai you can also use an oven instead of it
13. take a small wok to take dark chocolates or any chocolate which you love, I used Amul dark chocolate with two spoons of milk melt the chocolate on gas we want a thin dressing of chocolate for dressing when our cake will be done.
13. Now after preheating the Kadai open the lid place the batter bowl on it cover it for at least 45 mins let it cook in simmer flame
14. Check once after 45 mins take a knife towards down in direct check whether the batter is cooked or not if it is cooked on removing knife your knife will be clean if the batter is little undercooked the remaining sticky batter will stick on the knife
15. After it's done close the gas gentle take a cloth to remove the cake into a plate reverse upside down on it slowly it will come out
16. With the help of another place correct the position of cake let it cool down for 10 mins
17. Now the melted chocolate syrup which we prepared earlier... before that, you have to cut the layer of the cake.

18. To divide it place the knife gently on the perimeter of the cake, I know in-home layers will come unequal so you can put that layer on the bottom place the equal cut layer on top.
19. Now it's time for dressing!!! between the two layers you have to apply one spread of melted chocolate slowly or apply ok bottom layer place top layer on it now again apply one more layer of melted chocolate on top
20. Now spread some leftover crushed dry fruits give any design now keep the cake on the fridge for 10 mins if you love to eat chilled cake or else you can enjoy the hot one also

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