Cake Without An Oven | An Easy Recipe

Yes it's correct...True happiness is a well-baked cake & when it comes to DESSERT there is no compromise for sure We all love cake, isn't it?? I think no one in this world doesn't like CAKES whether it's our birthday or any other occasion I guess there is no celebration without a cake.

We all know this fact that how much beautiful a cake look from outside that much hard work has been put behind its final shot. Today I am going to tell you a simpler version of the cake.
What's come to you're mind whenever you decided to bake a cake?
Let me guess a bit oven, microwave and all that stuff which is sometimes not available in our homes. How this sound's when you get to know that you can make your own BAKED CAKE plus without an oven?
Cool right so below I'll be sharing a quick plus a very simple recipe of cake and I am very much sure a sweet-tooth can't skip this. So let's start 




•Ghee(Clarified Butter) – 2 Tablespoon (as per your need)   
• Plain Flour (Maida)  – 1 Big Cup 
• Powdered Sugar – 2 cups (according to Number of Serves)
• Food/Vanilla Essence – 2-3 drops 
• Milk –  I cup ( to mix)
• Baking Powder - 2 Tsp
• Baking Soda - 1/2 Tsp
• Cocoa Powder - 3-4 Tsp
• Melted Chocolate(optional) - 3-4
• Butter paper 
•  Toothpick - 1


1. Hot the clarified butter and pour it in a container or big bowl until it cools down.
2. Add the Powdered Sugar mix well make sure there should not be any lumps .
3. Add drops of vanilla essence.
4. Add a cup of milk and mix well.
5. Put a strainer above the bowl and stain 1 cup of maida into the batter.
6. Mix all the ingredients well make sure the consistency should not be too thin or too thick, it should be equal.
7. Now  focus on this step, you have to separate an equal amount of batter into two halves in another bowl.
8. In the second bowl, the batter should be in equal quantity.
9. Add cocoa powder into the second bowl and melted chocolate(optional) and mix it well.
10. Now take a container wide and round-shaped cover its base with butter paper.
11. Now carefully start putting a 1 TBSP from bowl 1 into it then 1 TBSP from  second bowl  above it 
12. Fill the container by putting one by one TBSP from batters 
13. Carefully follow all the steps use a toothpick to make design watch the video given below:) 
14. Put that container carefully on the gas inside a wide pan(kadhai) keep a tiny stand also if possible inside the kadhai. 
15. Cook it around from 20 -25 mins check until it's done in slow flame

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