Aloo Bhujia Sabji | A Sautéed Dish!!

Potato aka Aloo in India is one of the Staple food which  is been used in every home in the country

from McDonald's Fries to simple  Aloo Bhujia Sabji potato is everyone’s favorite. It is quite simple and easy to cook in fact this Aloo Bhujia is the round-the-clock thing in lunchboxes of each child in India, saying this as per my personal experience when I was in school this Aloo Bhujia Plain Parantha is a constant thing throughout the year
It is basically originated from Eastern (U.P) and Bihar the word Aloo Bhujia also comes from there only anyone who has prepared this Bhujia knows the fact that it tastes best when cooked in Mustard Oil.  How much we love and adapt junk food and international cuisine but it will never beat the simplicity and pure love for our few own genuine recipes like this aren’t?? I am saying absolutely right

Aloo Bhujia Sabji
Aloo Bhujia Sabji 

Why it is actually famous??
(i)                 It is super-duper simple and easy to make.
(ii)              Work as a Best Side with Dal & Rice.
(iii)            Of-course  best for lunchboxes for children
With minimal uses of spices, it can be made within half-hour all you need to know that you don’t require any onion and tomatoes for it just the ground mixture of Whole Spices can make wonder.

Things which has to be kept in mind while preparing Bhujia?
(i)                 If you are a lover of traditional authentic taste then go for Mustard Oil  only  no other oil, please.
(ii)              No onions/tomatoes are required
(iii)            Only cumin seeds with the ground powder of whole spices which we add into stir-fry potatoes.

Serving Recommendations

  • ·         You can have as a side meal with Dal and Rice.
  • ·         Taste best with plain Paratha (kid’s favorite too).
  • ·         Sometimes it can be stuffed in bread as a sandwich.


1. Potatoes
3-4 big
2.  Red Dry Chilies
3-4 TSP
3. Salt
to taste
4. Yellow Mustard Seeds
5. Jira Seeds
6. Mustard Oil
2 big TBSP
7. Bay leaf
8. Big Cardamom
9. Cinnamon
11. Black Pepper Seeds
12. Coriander Seeds
13. Mint Leaves
To Garnish

Aloo Bhujia Sabji
Steps For Aloo Bhujia 

Take 3-4 Big Potatoes peel them off, cut them into thin French fries shape
Take a small pan you have to roast all the Whole Spices which is mention above in the ingredients section until they all become red
In a small pan heat it then put cardamom, cinnamon, coriander seeds, jeera seeds, yellow mustard seeds bay leaf & red dry chilies stir it until  they become slightly red in color  
 Measurements I told you in the above table
Now grind all the whole spices into a powder with the help of grinder.
Now take a pan add Mustard Oil into it heat the oil completely until yellow turns light yellow
Now you can add jeera seeds then the potatoes which you have cutted
Cook the slices of potatoes until it becomes fully fried or you can check also like potatoes should be crispy and properly cooked
When the potatoes are done now its time for that grinded powder add that powder on cooked potatoes
Cook it for about 5-6 mins in low flame then close the gas .
Now you can add the mint leaves to garnish.

Your Super – Easy Aloo Bhujia is done and enjoyyyy!!!!

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